How to make a paper diamond ring easy – Origami diamond ring
You don’t have enough money to buy diamond ring for girlfriend. Why don’t you make a diamond ring DIY. I’m very very happy if my boyfriend makes it for me from his heart. It’s only for me.
In this video, I will show you How to make a origami ring. This is diamond ring. Only 10 minutes and a paper you can make a gift for girlfriend. It’s simple and so romantic. Origami diamond ring can be a valentine gift ideas or Christmas gift ideas,…
Origami masu box is easier than origami ring box. It’s your choice ✌✌✌
Put origami heart ring into the origami box and give them to girlfriend/boyfriend. I think your lover will be happy about that.
Good luck to you.
♥ Now Let’s start!!!!!
You need:
– A paper with 2 sided 10cm x 5cm
If You don’t have, don’t worry I will show you how to make a paper diamind ring with 2 paper 😉